We've released a track from the new album!

Check it out. Here's a video we put together using a documentary found on archive.org about the the use of computers in music in the early 80's. 

You can also stream the song directly from our bandcamp:

We're super excited this is finally out. We will have more information on the rest of the album pretty soon. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the new website/updates on the record.

Hey friends, 

Welcome to our new website. It's simple, clean, and completely devoid of any personality! That'll be fixed once we have a better idea of what the artwork on our album will be. Brand synchronization, ya'll. This new website is complete with a photo gallery I haven't quite figured out how to work, a place to listen to our EP, and a store. We have a few of the "Keyboard Monster" shirts still available. Go check them out! If we don't have your size, let us know. We are ordering more soon. All orders come with some stickers as well. If you see anything weird/not working, please let us know. 

MORE IMPORTANTLY. We have completed mixing the record! After spending so much time it's strange to have it out of our hands for now. We should be moving forward with mastering very soon. After that, we will have a track or two for everyone to listen to while we prepare for release. As for now, we are still exploring our options on how exactly we will release this thing. I'll keep this site updated as we figure out more. 

We are ridiculously slow decision makers. We like to take our time, make sure we are considering as many options as we can. We have finally decided on a record name.  "All In Real Time." We're pretty happy with it. 

We don't have any shows book at the moment, but that should be changing soon. 

Thanks for your time,



Download the EP for free at www.soundcloud.com/bearhive.